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August 9, 2013
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Chapter 3- Feliciano’s Friends


  Ms. Narrator explained in great detail about the Middle ages and the Viking ages. She talked so fast that you had trouble writing it all down. You sighed loudly in relief when the bell rang, dropping your pencil gratefully. You looked down, counting all the pages that you had filled up. Three. Man, did your hand hurt!

  Lovino got up and walked past you, bumping your desk a bit. You thought he looked embarrassed when you saw his face, but it was only for a second as you watched him walk out of the classroom, being closely followed by the man who had been sitting on Lovino’s other side.

  “(f/n)!” a high-pitched voice cried.

  You looked up to see Feliciano waving to you from where his seat was.

  “Come quick! I want you to meet my other friends!” he called.

  You frowned a little. You thought you had told yourself that you weren’t going to be making any new friends at this school. You thought about just ignoring them or saying you had something else you had to do, but you didn’t want to be rude. Gathering your stuff into your bag, you walked over towards Feli and his friends.

  When you got there, Feli patted your back, making you blush. He gestured to the two guys in front of you and said, “These are Ludwig and Kiku! They’re my bestest friends in the whole wide world!”

  Ludwig stuck out his hand for you to shake, saying, “Good to meet you”. After you shook hands, he said, “I vant to thank you for sticking up for Feliciano. He told us about how he vas late.”

  “Oh, it was no big deal”, you said, blushing again. Ludwig was really good looking. Muscular, blonde, and he had pretty blue eyes too.

  Kiku wasn’t bad looking either. He had shiny, smooth black hair and chocolate brown eyes. He shook his head as he said, “Ms. Narrator can be quick to give out detention to rate kids. If your rate again, Feri, she’s going to give you doubre the amount of detention she gave you rast time”.

  “Ja, how many times do I have to tell you, you have to vake up as soon as your alarm clock rings”, Ludwig growled at Feli.

  “I’m really sorry! It’s just so hard to wake up so early!” Feli complained. When all Ludwig did was ‘hrmp’ in response, Feli turned to you, saying happily, “Oh yeah, did you like my brother? When you sat next to him, I got really excited!”

  “Is he really your brother?” you groaned, “I mean, yeah, he looks a lot like you, but he isn’t very nice to be around. He’s the exact opposite of you”.

  Feli gave an uneasy chuckle. “Yeah, fratello can be a little grumpy, but he’s nice when you get to know him.”

  “Well, I can try”, you sighed, shrugging. “I like the other guy I sit next to though”.

  “Who?” the three guys asked and you gave them a puzzled look. (You knew this joke was coming)

  “Matthew Williams”, you said, “How could you not have known he sat there? You’ve all been here longer than I have”.

  “Oh, you mean the guy that looks like Alfred!” Feli exclaimed.

  “Alfred? Who’s that?” you asked.

  “That boy that shouted out when you came in is Arfred”, Kiku explained, “Matthew is actuary his brother”.

  “Oh”, you said, looking back at where Alfred had been sitting. The desk was empty and the loud kid wasn’t in the room. In fact, no one was in the room except for the four of you and Ms. Narrator.

  You pulled out the paper with your schedule on it and held it out for the guys to look at.

  “Do you guys have any of these classes?” you asked, handing Ludwig the paper. You weren’t really sure why you wanted to have them around. Maybe because they seemed like the nicest people at the school so far, but it was definitely NOT because you wanted to be friends with them.

  “We all have gym at the same time! Yay!” Feli cheered.

  “Ja, and I’m in your science class too”, Ludwig said.

  “We have the same math crass”, Kiku confirmed.

  “Ah, cool”, you laughed, “Are any of those the classes I have next?”

  “Um, no, you have Spanish next”, Ludwig answered, handing you back your paper.

  “My fratello has that same class too, though, so that’s something”, Feli said cheerfully.

  You sighed internally. Great, you might have to deal with the jerk again. You glanced up as you all heard the bell ring.

  “That means the next classes vill be starting soon, so ve should start heading to our rooms”, Ludwig explained, “Feliciano, vhy don’t you take (f/n) to her Spanish class since your next class is right next to it”.

  “Yes sir!” Feli exclaimed gleefully, grabbing your hand again. You expected to feel your face get hot for blushing, but you felt nothing. Guess you just got used to Feli’s grabby nature.
So you meet with Kiku and Ludwig for the first time. You'll get to spend more time with them later, I'm sure. However, next you have Spanish! I'm sure you can guess the guys you'll be meeting there.

I don't own Hetalia or you.
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