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"Do you think we should check the others?", Bulma asked Tails. The two tailed fox had been standing in the same spot, staring off to where the villians had flown away.

"Y-yeah", Tails answered, shaking his head to clear it, "I'll go see if Sonic is...okay".

"I'll go see Vegeta", Bulma volunteered and she rushed rushed off to tend to her husband. Tails flew over to where Sonic lay on the ground. He looked awful. His arm was bleeding and so was some spots on his legs and his head. He had bruises all over too and he king of sizzled from the chi blast. Tails knelt down and put his ear to the hedgehog's chest. There was a heartbeat. Tails sat up, breathing a sigh of relief. He didn't know what he would do if Sonic was dead.

"Hey! Tails!", a voice cried out and Tails looked up to see Trunks flying over to him. The lavendar haired boy landed quickly and ran over. "What happened?! I would have been here sooner but grandma and grandpa  wouldn't let me! I felt those strong powers and then sensed everyone fighting! Who were they? Did we win? I guess we didn't..wait, where's my Dad?!" Trunks finally was quiet and stood waiting for a stuned Tails to answer.

"Um, well, your Dad is back there. Your Mom is there too..", Tails began, but Trunks flew off to the direction Tails had pointed to.

Something caught Tails' eye and he raised his eyes up to the sky to see some specks racing to where the ruined Capsule Corp. building stood. As they got closer, Tails saw it was Goten, Piccolo, Krillin and 18, a teenage boy with black hair, a black haired man with a scar on his face, and a bald man with three eyes....three eyes? Weird. They landed and looked around in astonishment and surprize at the ruined building and fallen warriors.

"Tails!", Goten cried, hopping over to where Tails stood. He saw the beaten up Sonic and lost his cheerfulness, "Oh no, what happened?" Suddenly, Goten whipped his head around and flew off without waiting to hear a answer. The teenage boy flew after him and Tails guessed that was Goten's brother, Gohan.

"Dude!", the man with scar exclaimed, "This place is a mess!" He bent over and poked at Silver. "Did these things do it?"

"Of course we didn't!", Tails yelled, startling the man, "We were fighting against them with Goku and Vegeta!"

"Where are Goku and Vegeta?", Piccolo asked. Tails opened his mouth to respond, but shut it when a gruff voice cut in, "I'm right here". Everyone watched Bulma and Trunks helping Vegeta walk over to where they stood.

"What happened to you?", asked the man with three eyes.

"The darn andriod, that's what!", the Sayain growled, "She shot me and I'm just starting to get my feeling back".

"She?!",, the man with the scar and the one with three eyes exclaimed in shock.

"Did she have red hair and gray eyes?", 18 asked and Vegeta nodded.

"You know that android?", Krillin asked, and 18 nodded saying, "When 17 and I were taken and turned into andriods by Dr. Gero, we weren't alone. She was with us, but after Gero got us I never saw her again. I just figured he'd tried to turn her into one, but failed and got rid of her."

"But who was that other chi? It felt like Freeza!", Krillin said, shivering at the thought of the monster who had killed him on Namek.

"We'll explain later", Bulma said, "but for now, help get the injured inside so they can be treated."


A few minutes later, the injured had been moved to the sick bay. Silver, Shadow, and Sonic were in the worst shape so they were put in beds in a room together, bandaged and hooked up to machines. Rouge, Amy, Goku, and Knuckles regained consciousness and got bandaged up. Introductions were also made. They all learned that the man with three eyes was Tenshinhan, called Tien for short, and the man with the scar was Yamcha.

Goku, and Tails told everyone what happened.

"Whoa", Tein breathed, "Another guy like Freeza".

"Its so unfair", Yamcha pouted, "Freeza, his Dad, Cooler, how many of them are there?! I wouldn't be surprized if Freeza has ten more brothers!"

"He said he was the last one", Goku said, But Yamcha continued to freak out, "He could have just said that to hide them so they could attack us without us preparing for them!"

"Yamcha, focus", Bulma sighed, "This isn't getting us anywhere".

"They got the dragonball and Chaos Emerald right?", Rouge pointed out, "So how many others do you think they have?"

"Hopefully not all", Gohan said.

"I know they don't have all", Piccolo said, "At least not all of the dragonballs that is. I have the six star at the Lookout.

"And I have the four star at my place", Goku said, "So if we hide those from them, we'll have more time to get ready to face them again."

"Where should we hide them?", Amy asked, "Here?"

"No, I think the Lookout is the safest", Goku mused.

"Do you want me and Goten to go home and get it Dad?", Gohan asked and when Goku nodded his approval, his sons walked out of the room to head to their house.

"Lets hope our enemies do not attack before we are ready", Piccolo muttered and everyone got lost in their thoughts.
Poor Tails. Everyone asks him all these questions and don't let him answer. :giggle:

And yes Piccolo, lets hope the enemy doesn't attack before you're ready :evillaugh:
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